Cody Bellinger! WTF

It must be a surreal feeling for former major league first baseman Clay Bellinger to watch what his son is doing in the big leagues. In four major league seasons, Clay hit all of twelve home-runs. His son in a little over 40 games now has 17 dingers.

As everyone has been talking about the emergence of Yankees rookie sensation, Aaron Judge. There should be just as equal talk about Cody on the west coast. Right now, he is simply carrying the Dodgers as he went deep twice last night in a victory against the Cleveland Indians, including a bomb against arguably the best reliever in the game, Andrew Miller

Clayton Kershaw got the win and pitched solid, but now all the talk is about the young Bellinger. At 21, he is tearing up the big leagues. And maybe the most remarkable thing about Bellinger is he wasn’t even seen as a can’t miss prospect. For the Dodgers this has been a remarkable surprise.

The way life goes for a hot rookie hitter is pitchers will figure out how they can get him out, and that is when Bellinger will have to make adjustments. Watching the way he hits and his temperament, I believe he will and he is here to stay. After all, it helps to have a father who played in the show to lean on.

Only concern was just a few short years ago, the same buzz was spoken about Yasel Puig who has never been the same since his rookie season. We all remember his meltdown last season when he was demoted to the minors. Time will tell how Bellinger handles this early success.

As the trade deadline comes close, there is always talk the Dodgers are looking for a big bat. Maybe they have that in Bellinger. It’s just a bit scary and a lot of pressure to think a 21 year old rookie will have to be the main hitting force if the Dodgers want to make a deep post season run. I think he has the magic to do it.


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