Colin Cowherd is losing his mind



I’m a big fan of Colin Cowherd, he is one of the smartest sports minds in the media today, but lately his opening rants on his Fox Sports show have been embarrassing.  He has a love affair with Lebron James and goes out of his way to defend the man whenever and wherever there is criticism of the “greatest player of all time **except for the Finals and some other tight series when he quit.. but other than that.”

Yesterday Cowherd was comparing Durant to Christopher Columbus and Ponce De Leon and then bringing Lebron James into the rant and how he went exploring to seek new land….  It was absurd.  If you think Lebron James, the current Cleveland Cavalier player, coach, and GM is great, then his career and his numbers should stand alone.  If you have to bring in other factors and use sleight of hand to win the argument, you’ve lost.  ‘Hey Lebron might have lost in embarrassing fashion this year, but take a glance at this giant globe over here in the corner.  The great Arctic explorer Josee Auclair also formed with two great explorers and that Big Three went on to”….What??  The only thing Lebron has in common with Arctic explorers is they both spent a lot of time in cold shit holes, and what he has in common with De Leon and Columbus is they all visited new places, ate and drank their full, then left behind a scene of loss and degradation.

Cowherd also defends Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors by comparing it to our jobs, and wouldn’t we leave our company to go work for another company blah blah blah.   Yeah, our jobs compare to that of NBA players.  I’m sure we all slept in silk sheets at a Ritz Carlton last night and then awoke so we could fight thru a line of scantily clad groupies on our way to the free buffet.

If you worked at company x, and company y was offering you more money wouldn’t you go’…. goes the dumb argument.  I don’t recall there being any finals every June between company x and company y.  Is it four out of seven or just a one off? Also, what channel is that on?  I don’t think anyone in America gives two shits if John Doe goes to company y, because John Doe’s legacy doesn’t exist outside of his living room.  He’s an American employee, he can move around all he wants, no one is asking him to hold a press conference, nor are we ranking him on our top ten all time U.S. Workers list.  Kevin Durant on the other hand is a famous basketball player who made his lame ass, cowardly move in free agency because he wasn’t sure he could win a trophy unless he joined a team that was already the best or went to court and fought for the right to play in the WNBA.   When he ultimately lands in the Hall of Fame, I am going to personally drive to Springfield, unscrew his plaque from the stand and hang it over the toilet in the ladies’ room.



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  1. Concerned fan says:

    As a fan of all things that deal with the Boston/New England sports areas, you sound slightly hurt because Durant didn’t come to the Celtics. Durant owes nothing to the fans they didn’t pay for him to be a gifted as he is. He is looking out for himself which ultimately is human nature, you always look at the best option for your future.

  2. i wouldnt have written it if he went to any other team. Houston, the Clippers, the Spurs, Heat and yes the Celtics. a 73 win team that blew a 3-1 Finals lead is the easiest route to go. all im saying.

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