Griffin to Boston? Please No

My exact reaction hearing Woj break today that the Boston Celtics are a front runner in the Blake Griffin sweepstakes. I didn’t even know it was a sweepstake. Usually, that requires someone wanting the prize, but simply put, no team should want this prize.

Blake Griffin is already out of his prime and he’s 28. Blake is really not trying to play anymore. He’s going to end up like Melo and just play for money and know they won’t win a ring. Danny Ainge has told the press he is trying to land a big-time free agent. Blake Griffin is no longer big-time.

The five-time All-Star and former Rookie of the Year is a shell of what he used to be. His high-flying posterizing ability has gone away slightly with every knee injury the poor guy gets. Since 2013, Griffin’s scoring has dropped and while he still is an effective power forward defensively, he is not worth the money I worry Ainge would be willing to pay. In the ever-changing NBA, there is no bigger time for the long distance shooters than the present and Blake has shown countless times, he can’t shoot worth a damn. If this was five years ago, I would be excited, but right now, Blake Griffin is not something I would pay big money for.

I don’t have anything against Griffin. I just think he’s getting worse with age and he’s exponentially decaying too. Blake’s effectiveness is going quickly. Blake “legacy” is he will go down as a solid pro. No more. No less. Will not be a Hall of Famer but will be remembered. Reminds me of a more athletic Brad Daughtry.

This rumor is just as bad as the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors near the deadline last year. I got that same feeling when I saw this when I saw that. It is a mix of fear and a little bit of regret. I regret it because every time this happens I regret giving my full confidence in Danny Ainge, but to his credit, he is yet to let me down. It is still early in the offseason and while I hope this doesn’t happen, it is a possibility and if it does happen, I will eventually learn to cope with it, but Danny, if you’re gonna spend a max deal, buy Hayward, not Griffin. Please.

Blake Griffin to Boston is a definite no from me, but if Ainge does get him. I just hope he can prove me wrong on everything I just said, because the Celtics don’t need to waste money again (cough Amir Johnson).

Isaac Fox



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