Jonny Visits Boston

On Sunday the 10th through Tuesday the 12th your boy Jonny visited Boston and took in two Red Sox games.

The generic Dean Pauley already wrote a great article on his view of the games, but I shall share my experience. Also, side note, I was not ferda Dean. (ferda means like for the. example, I was ferda boys when i brought a case to the party). I didn’t tell Dean the dates and times of the trip in time for him to get off work and join me. But, i assure you we will be back soon.

Pomeranz was dog crap. Nothing too much else to say. Taking in Fenway was amazing but I wasn’t expecting to see a Castellanos bomb in the first inning. Pomeranz just cant keep his pitch count down. Next thing you know he loads the bases and Hembree is coming out of the pen. Im not a huge Hembree fan, but he hasn’t been that awful. Before you know it, Justin Upton takes on off the Pesky pole for the grand salami. Fenway is the only place this ball goes for a homer. What are the chances. Im telling you this ball was hit softer than Ray Rice’s wife. I have hit ping pong balls harder with my cock before.

Very few positives to take from that game. Second game much better, well kinda.

Fast forward to the next day. I meet up with our very own president of WTPSports Joe Skoczylas.

We have a nice dinner in the season ticket holders club, which is a good thing, because Porcello was doing what he does best, shitting the bed. I love Rick, seems like a good guy, had a great year in 2016, but if you let the Phillies get four runs off you in the first, you’re doing something wrong.  It was probably a blessing Joe took me up to the club before going to the stands, if we were out there i may have ran on the field and asked Porcello if he needed to buy a clue, they’re on sale at Walmart. Shit, with how he is pitching he needs to go to Costco; they got clues on sale in bulk.

Anyhow, Mookie goes on to have a day and a half, 4-5 with three doubles, and the Red Sox offense comes alive. Hanley ties the game with an absolute bomb over the monster and boom extra innings happen.

I’m not always the smartest biggin in the building, hell even the city, but I’m a man that knows when to get a beer before they stop serving in oder to be ready for some #ChugsForDubs is, you’re an idiot, but ill explain it anyway. Whenever your favorite team wins, you chug a drink, doesn’t have to be alcohol, but take a video of you chugging and send it to us at our twitter and we will post it.

Anyhow, me and Joe were in it for the long haul, we waited for the Red Sox to win it in extras which was awesome but also a little upsetting as we did not get #WinDanceRepeat in the background, but we got the first live ChugsForDubs at Fenway in when Pedey drove in Marrero to walk off!!!

All in all great visit, bad pitching. stay tuned as there will be more Boston visits this summer.


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