What Could Of Been For Dwight Howard If He Wasn’t A Complete Nut Job.

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Flashback to like a billion years ago, Dwight Howard was well on his way to becoming a hall of fame player and possibly one of the best bigs ever. Drama is a word that describes Dwight well, he can be one of the biggest bitches in the league as a person. Looking back, Dwight’s numbers were crazy.

In the 08-09 season, DH averaged 20.6 PPG 13.8 REB 2.9 BLK 1.4 AST 1.0 STL and shot almost 60% from the charity stripe. That season, the Magic were the 1-seed in the east en-route to the finals appearance against Kobe Bryant, they got blown out of the water though. In DH’s career, his lowest rebounding output was 10.0 and that was his rookie season all the way back in 04-05. In 2010-11 he averaged 22.9 PPG 14.1 REB 2.4 BLK 1.4 AST 1.4 STL and averaged over 4 offensive rebounds per game for a second time.

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He was as dominant of a big man as we have ever seen before the horrors of the Lakers move. Shaquille O’Neal is well known as one of the most dominant NBA players of all time. Not even SHAQ averaged over 14 total rebounds per game for a full season. Dwight Howard did it three times having 14.5 REB per game as a career high.

He was not the type of big man we have normally seen today that can work in the mid-range or even jack up 3’s. He was a traditional big man who strictly worked on the low block and protected the rim with authority.  Even for being a back to the bucket big man, he had a below average post game. His strength was his best skill, and his athleticism led him to become a force down low.

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Dwight was an INCREDIBLE big man, the numbers speak for themselves on top of the year by year stats, he is an 8x all star, 8x all NBA player, 5x all defense, and won 3 DOP awards.

His tragic flaw was Dwight himself, he struggled with many off the court issues. Including having an alleged relationship with a 16-year old girl, using stick-um in games, and causing many locker room problems throughout his career, he also had trouble getting along with his teammates. If Dwight was disciplined off the court or not an enemy to himself, it wouldn’t be crazy to a say he would be a 12x all-star and won DOP 5x. The problem is we’ll never know because his career has taken the fatal hit of being a certified douche.



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