Dear People Who Post Thousands Of Snapchat Stories At Concerts; Nobody Actually Cares

Anyone who uses Snapchat often can relate to what I am talking about. Especially now that it is summer, it seems like everyday Friday/Saturday night there is that one douche-bag that has to post a billion seconds of stories of that concert.

I honestly don’t know what goes through somebody’s head when they decide “oh let’s record every second of this because my friends will love it.” Most of the time I don’t even look at any stories people post, I just click as fast as I can until all of them clear out.

I get it, it is a fun time to go to a concert for a summer night, and maybe post a picture, or one video. But when all of these video’s are recorded, 75% of the time you can’t hear shit because they are 70 miles away from stage, and most of the time all you can hear is screaming, people fucking up the lyrics, and maybe a muffled beat in the background.

Like I said above, I don’t usually watch or look at somebody’s story, I usually click it away faster than Kermit The Frog in this GIF:

Image result for kermit the frog typewriter
But when you fall into the trap of clicking the snap stories of concerts, it begins to feel like work scrolling through it. I swear I’ll end up having carpal-tunnel from those stories before I even graduate college.

In conclusion, going to concerts is a fun way to spend a summer night, drain your bank account, and meet plenty of crack dealers. For everyone’s sake, please limit the posts; nobody actually gives a fuck.

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