Should the Cavs trade Kevin Love??

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One of the most interesting questions in this coming off-season is where do the Cavs turn in efforts to catch the Warriors. The simple answer is the Warriors may just not be able to be caught. However the position the Cavs are in, it doesn’t make much sense to view it like that. Last years NBA Finals were extremely evenly matched, even if the Warriors hadn’t blown a 3-1 lead. On top of that, the Cavs have little to no competition in the East and will probably be back next year considering they have the best player in the world, sorry Mr. Paul Pierce.

However the kicker here is the Cavs simply can not afford a lot of players, due to

1. Cleveland $128,492,467
2. Portland $119,732,234
3. LA Clippers $114,756,766
4. San Antonio $112,017,779
5. Memphis $110,118,520

the fact that they’re number one in total team payrolls. They have a lot of money tied up in LBJ, Love, Thompson, Irving and JR, all of which making over 13 million next year.

Thompson is set to make the 4th most money on the Cavs next year, and its roughly 16 million next year. However, it’s going to be hard to trade a dude you overpaid for who doesn’t bring much offense to the table and is only a good rebounder.

Kyrie is obviously safe, and so is LBJ, making Love the odd man out.

Clearly this core wont be able to beat the new Warriors with KD and you need to try and get better. You don’t need picks and you need talent in return, and that is something that will be tough to match. However this is an extremely strong FA class which trading Love gives you the option to really explore. I think Love has to go, he had a decent finals but he isn’t apart of the core that could beat Golden State. I’m not sure exactly what that trade would look like, but I came up with a few hot takes.


Chicago: Kevin Love

Cleveland: Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic

This trade makes sense for both parties, Butler and Chicago appear to just not be working out and the Cavs get some perimeter defense and a good scoring forward. However, I just don’t really see this as a realistic trade, but the Cavs need some talent, and maybe with this, they can pursue Griffin or Wade on a team friendly contract to play with Lebron once again.

Clippers: Kevin Love and Richard Jefferson

Cavs: Blake Griffin (sign and trade) and JJ Redick

This trade is a longshot but I like it, so here it is. No reasoning, just think it helps.

I cant say for sure what the trade is, I just think Kevin Love in a different uniform is very possible.



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