The Sox Organization messed up, not John Farrell

Being from Boston, chances are you don’t get around to watching a Milwaukee Brewers game, and that is not unreasonable. However the man who played in Boston but was dealt there this off-season, Travis Shaw, has put together a decent campaign. He is hitting .299, with 11 HR and 45 RBI’s. Meanwhile, the Sox struggle to find a reliable 3b continues. You know what has not struggled this season? The Sox bullpen. A bunch of quality role players getting the job done what it matters. Well here comes the man who would sell

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the farm system for a bucket of baseballs. Dave Dombrowski is the kind guy who has a whole bag of uncooked cookies, new company, never had them before, but they have to bake, however he would rather just get one cooked cookie right away rather than hold on to the cookies that he has. Maybe a bad analogy but the dude sells prospects for nothing, and when they put all their confidence in Sandoval and trade away a valuable backup third-baseman, for a reliever who as of today underwent season ending surgery.

Now, some may say going into the season, the bullpen was a question, but here is what you wont hear. John Farrell and Carl Lewis have done a tremendous job getting this bullpen ready to pitch. Yeah some pieces are rough, like Porcello,  but last year could’ve been a fluke, this may be more of the real Porcello. Even Eduardo Rodriquez has pitched so well this season. So Dombrowski fucked this one up.

Now if the Sox can’t figure this one out, Dombrowski looks real bad, Thornburg is appearing to be quite the Boston Bust with a serious injury that Dombrowski over looked, but at least this is the first time.

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