Rumors are swirling that the Celtics will go after either Blake Griffin (shown above committing a misdemeanor felony) or Gordon Hayward in free agency this off season. Here’s hoping it’s the latter.  Blake Griffin, when he can get on the court, is a slow plodding forward whose numbers have gone down every year in the last five seasons – other than assists, which most likely went up because he finally realized he’s not the one who should be shooting, especially late.   His free throw percentage also went up, which can be explained as well; when you’re out with injuries all the time, (injuries caused by you punching the Clippers’ trainer in the face in the middle of a packed restaurant for example, or punching said guy again when he goes outside to toss his teeth into the sewer), there’s only a few things you can work on, free throws being one of them.

Late in games Blake’s game gets even less desirable.  He forces up shots when he’s surrounded by defenders and should be calling for time out, his jump hook resembles a man trying to throw boulders into a dump truck, close to the rim he has the touch of a tin knocker, and he seems to shrink in big moments.  Watch his nervous play vs. the Spurs in the 2012 series and you’ll see a player who looks like he should have downed a couple of boxes of Paxil before he hit the court.

Gordon Hayward is not going to get the Celtics to a point where they are instantly better than the Cavaliers, but he’s a good fit with the way they play and a lot less painful to watch than Blake Griffin.  I think the Celtics trainer would agree.


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