BREAKING: #1 Pick To Philly, Most Likely Will Be Markelle Fultz That Wears A Sixer Jersey.

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A draft bombshell has just been dropped by David Aldridge. The Boston Celtics And Philadelphia 76ers have agreed to swap first round picks in the 2017 draft. On top of that Philly sends the Lakers 2018 pick, and 2019 Sacramento pick which both are protected.

This does not come as a surprise since these talks heated up just yesterday. Also, Fultz just worked out for Philly this morning and Joel Embiid posted a hilarious twitter picture of Markelle’s name on a locker.

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Wow. Philly now has Fultz, Simmons, Embiid, Saric, and somehow kept Okafor in the process (trust it). the 76ers were a complete joke two years ago and Sam Hinkie got fired for playing the tanking strategy, i have now learned to trust the process. That team is going to be fun to watch next season, without a doubt will be one of my league pass teams.

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Shout out to this guy:

As for the Celtics, they get the third pick, they still have leverage to create another trade if they wanted, assuming that Chicago wants Jackson or Ball which one or the other will be available. Not likely now to get Butler for the #3 pick, but might still have leverage with the protected picks now in the arsenal. Danny Ainge’s collection of picks is similar to Sebastian Telfair’s collection of guns and drugs.

Now, Philly will be fun to watch for sure, but the first couple of years will probably be rocky, they have to get all of those bigs rotated well around Fultz, and Markelle has to become a pass first guard now to facilitate all of that talent. It will be fun to watch, but i’ll say they win 25-30 games the first year.



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