Cubs Score 6 in the 9th to Win, 9-5 Over Pittsburgh

Well, last night got started off with a bang in both a good way and a semi bad way. Anthony Rizzo came up to the plate and blasted a long ball for what seemed to be his 3rd straight game with a leadoff home run but they called it foul. Even after they reviewed the damn play, which clearly showed it bounce off the foul pole, they still called it foul. Mind blown. Not only is review hurting the game of baseball but it can’t even do what it was put in the game to do and that is to get calls right.

After that call, Maddon came out and protested which was actually quite entertaining to see, maybe it was because of the throwback jerseys, but he eventually got tossed from the game. Anthony Rizzo actually had a rare moment where he was smokin’ from the ears and he was going off too. Probably up there for one of the maddest moments Rizzo has ever been. If it wasn’t for Schwarber, he may have gotten tossed too. So that was the semi bad start to the game for the Cubs. But it wasn’t all that bad.

The Cubs did jump out to an early 3-0 lead over the Shitsburgh Pirates after one of the weirdest first innings of baseball I think I have ever seen, little league included.

The first run of the game was brought in due to a wild pitch, where Ian Happ would come in to score to make it 1-0 Cubs. Later that inning, Willy 2 bags (Wilson Contreras) would double in two more to make it 3-0 before he was thrown out trying to stretch it to a 3 bagger.

Then the Cubs scoring would stop until they would pick it back up in the 9th. But before that, the Pirates would come storming back. After a Bell homer, 2 RBI triple from Bell and McCutchen’s RBI infield single, the Pirates gained the lead 4-3 over the Cubs. With the offense struggling, it all seemed lost for the Cubs and that they would drop yet another game.

But hold your horses, this team doesn’t quit. In the 9th Will 2 bags would double again to bring in J-Hey to tie the game. So at the very least we have free baseball. But the Cubs were trying to get the hell out of there. Jon Jay stepped up with a HUGE single with the bases loaded to bring in Contreras to give the Cubs the lead 5-4. Rizzo then stepped to the plate and drove in two more with another single with the bases loaded to make it 7-4 Cubs. That’s not all because then Addison Russell stepped to the plate and Addy 2 bags doubled which would plate Jon Jay and Kyle Schwarber to make it 9-4, which would end the scoring for the Cubs in the 9th.

The Pirates would get one run back, but the Cubs explosion for 6 runs in the 9th was too much to come back from, Cubs would win this one 9-5.

It was a very encouraging sign from the Cubs last night to come from behind to win one after struggling to be consistent almost all season. It flashed me back to the past couple of years where this team showed no quit in them and although their record says they are mediocre, this team is still a force to be reckoned with.



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