The Lakers Dilemma: What Now?

Image result for depressed magic johnsonJust recently, Magic Johnson admitted he “loved” Markelle Fultz after the individual workout. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed now that Philly has sole possession of the top pick and will be picking Fultz.

What the fuck is Magic doing?

They could of dealt the 2nd pick and Randle to Boston, and i would think that is a better option than Philly’s deal if they wanted Kelle that bad… but Magic bluffed and now they’re stuck. You have two simple options, take Josh Jackson or Lonzo Ball. I have written articles and stated many times that i believe Josh Jackson is the best player in the draft.

However, the fit wouldn’t be great in LA since they have plenty of young slashers there with Randle, Ingram, DLo, Young, and Clarkson. My guy Magic needs a point guard; it has never been clearer, you take Lonzo Ball. Lonzo is not a selfish guy, he is fine with taking 4 shots a game and getting DLo, Young, and Ingram in a groove, LA needs him for stability; don’t be afraid of LaVar, he didn’t affect UCLA he certainly won’t affect the fucking Lakers.

Image result for lonzo ball gif

Like i said, they have a lot of guys that can score, and DLo cannot play PG. It’s not happening, plan b needs to come now for LA. The best passer in a while is going to be sitting there at number two without any doubt, TAKE HIM. Taking Jackson would be a good pick, but would lead to more dysfunction, he needs a guy to get him the rock, he had Frank Mason at KU, i would love to see Jackson in Boston. Celtics fans, stop your phobia of Josh Jackson, because your getting him now…

The Celtics are now in position to trade down and still get the best player in my opinion, life hits you fast huh?


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