Kevin Durant Arguing With People About Fart Fetishes Is Pure Comedy Gold 

Honestly, I love athletes that clap back on social media, it’s not only entertaining for us to watch as bystanders, but trolls end up getting buried in a battle of wits with a public figure. 

Here is the tweet that made me piss myself:

Fucking hilarious.

This chick won this exchange with KD though, she said something wild and with the slightest pressure KD seems shook with the “who?” comeback. Kevin, if you had to ask which one of the hoes said you loved fart fetishes, you’re backing yourself into a corner. 

It’s also hilarious her twitter name is “Westbrook MVP” subliminal backhand right there. 

KD said he has nothing to do right now so that’s why he is replying back to all of these trolls. There is a lot more tweets where these came from:

HA. C’mon KEVIN! You took the easy way out!

(Photo via TheHerd)

Here is some more:

This started not even an hour ago, so sit back, relax get your popcorn because it’s only a matter of time until Draymond Green comes into this conversation.


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