Paul George Is Either An Idiot Or The Smartest Man Alive

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Rumors are now swirling around the league that Paul George wants to be a Laker after next season. From a basketball standpoint that is a head-scratcher and does not look like a good move for the future. Leaving Indiana for LA would mean a shit-load of money, but there is a 95% you won’t get back to the playoffs.

Going into the dumpster fire that is the Los Angeles Lakers is a place that careers could go to die. It’s like shopping at the mall, sure it looks glamorous from the outside, but when you get in their you end up going bankrupt on things you can get for half-price on Amazon; work smarter not harder (had to put a dad joke in on fathers day):

If Paul George goes to Los Angeles and they suck, he could fade away quickly and just be another “guy”

Free Agents have trolled the Lakers so soooo many times:

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Leaving Indiana is smart for PG, but don’t think for a second he actually WANTS to be a Laker. Indiana see’s he doesn’t want to stay there, and he is now making it clear he’ll just walk. If you are Indiana, letting him walk for nothing is a dumbest possible thing you could do:

Now that the pressure is on them, they need to get moving on a possible trade so they can get future assets. The Cleveland Cavaliers just came off of a finals loss where they were severely over-matched by the Warriors defensively. Paul George CAN guard Kevin Durant, you put PG13 on KD, and leave LBJ off KD to handle his offensive workload, then you are ahead of the game.

By using the shitty Lakers as leverage, Paul George is going to be able to get to a contender now like Cleveland, or maybe Boston. Either way, he’ll be in a great city and be able to contend for a Finals right away.

Kevin Love had a bad finals game 5 and has now had a track record for struggling in Cleveland. Cleveland could shed Kevin Love, and picks to acquire Paul George. Yes i know, they would be down a big-man but, the Warriors just won a chip with ZAZA as their big guy, it isn’t as important anymore. With the way this is going, i don’t see any situation where Paul George is not a Cavalier by training camp, it just makes too much sense.


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