The New “Curse” of the Red Sox 

A bunch of excitement surrounded last night’s game and most of it wasn’t because of the Red Sox or the Astros. It was because we welcomed back the one and only Donny Boy, Don Orsillo, back to the broadcast booth to call a Red Sox game.

It’s weird because it’s almost the same situation as trading a player and then inevitably being “cursed” from it. NESN last year let go of Don Orsillo and to much disappointment to Red Sox fans everywhere that listened to Orsillo regularly. 

Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo were the ultimate duo for Red Sox baseball and Boston Sports perhaps. They definitely brought out the best of each other in the booth and provided some of the most historic calls in Red Sox history. Orsillo’s personality and character and “swagger” so to say fit perfectly into the Boston market and that is ultimately why Boston loved him. 

But all that is in the past and now the Red Sox are stuck with Dave O’Brien. Yet all the excitement surrounded Orsillo in his return to the booth for a Red Sox game.

However, it was all negative for the Red Sox in his return. Rick PorSHITo was once again awful and the Red Sox bats were damn near dead besides Chris Young’s ding dong DINGAH. They lost 7-1 in an ass whooping and I personally want to apologize to Don Orsillo and Blame NESN for the Next Red Sox curse.

Before you all want to take my head off, when I say curse I don’t mean that they won’t win another World Series for like 100 years. I’m saying that every time Orsillo comes close to a Red Sox game, they will lose 100% of the time. Sadly, I’m okay with that because I want NESN to realize they fucked up and we all love Orsillo more besides a select few who are just out of their mind. 

So, NESN, thank you for the next Red Sox “curse” you idiots. 


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  1. How did NESN not realize that Don was part of the family? I tuned in to hear his voice, jokes, and infectious laugh. The games are not the same without him. Who thought this was a good idea? Fox is lucky to have Don and NESN was stupid to not renew his contract.

    1. I 100% agree with you on that. NESN definitely messed up on this one. The same people who though this was a good idea though that putting a sidebar on the broadcast and making the picture smaller was a good idea. Bunch of idiots

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