Kershaw shuts down Hample Douche.

10_zack_on_bus_to_dodger_stadiumAs we head into the dog days of baseball summer, it would be the perfect time to write about the red hot Dodgers and their inability to break away from the also red hot Rockies and Diamondbacks.

But when ultra, blowhard, douche Zack Hample tries to call out the Dodgers star pitcher Clayton Kershaw on twitter for not give him a commemorative father’s day ball, it must be reported on. Story is, Hample asked Kershaw for a ball before Sunday’s Reds and Dodgers game, and Kershaw turned him down, saying, “you already have 7,000 balls.”

Like a baby, Hample took his whining to twitter posting…

Today I asked Clayton Kershaw if I could have a baseball. He said, “No, you got 7,000 of ’em.” 

with that logic, Kershaw’s next paycheck shouldn’t mean all that much to him, right?

If you are 39 years old, and your main skill in life is snatching foul and home run balls, to each his own. But Hample once again has tried to make himself the center of attention. Hample is such an infuriating douche, that he even made the most hated baseball player AROD look somewhat likable when he held his 3,000 hit hostage. His desire to try to be bigger then the moment is extremely sad and pathetic. Marlins Man has nothing on this guy.

It is even more infuriating that Hample would go after Kershaw. We all know what Kershaw can do on the field, but never has anyone uttered a bad word about him off the field. He is a devoted family man, who has a pretty amazing ping pong tournament for charity. Hats off to Kershaw not giving Hample a ball, when its better suited in the hands of a youngster. Not a sad 39 year old man. But once again, this bullshit got him tons of press.

if you want to see how things are done right, youtube the kid who caught Albert Pujols 600 homerun ball. You will see 23 year old Angels fan Scott Steffel, gladly return Pujol’s ball. Sure he looks like a surfer dude, possibly smoking the California good stuff, but it was a class move to quickly retrieve the ball.

Hopefully this story will once again reaffirm Hample being a true attention hungry shit head, that should probably learn something else to do with his time.


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