Note to Los Angeles NFL teams. You don’t win, no one will care.

It was last September when my girlfriend and I set up a giant Rams party for their opening Monday night game. There was meatball sliders, booze, and insane brownies. Twenty five of my buddies showed up ready to root on our new Rams. Football is back in Los Angeles. Lets Go.

And then the game started. Five minutes in, the awful 49ers (who only won 2 games, both against The Rams) scored an easy touchdown, and the air was lifted from the room. And when the score was 14-0 by the second quarter, no one seemed to care.

And that essentially was a microcosm of the whole LA area for the Rams. There was excitement and buzz for a moment. But if you have a lousy product, there are lovely beaches to go on Sundays. Now there are two teams in Los Angeles. The only buzz about the Los Angeles Chargers was their awful new logo, which blew them up on twitter for the wrong reasons.

Truth about Los Angeles, is fans are very loyal to their Lakers, Dodgers, and USC football. If you aren’t one of those teams, you better win and win big to attract interest. Ask the LA Kings. And that is the scary scenario for the 2017 NFL season. The Rams and Chargers, don’t look very good. And for the Rams, they look quite awful. If Jared Goff doesn’t evolve into a franchise quarterback, then it will set the Rams back for years. It will be another high pick that general manager Les Snead has made that has been a complete bust.

The Los Angeles Chargers have potential to be much better. Joey Bosa looks like the real deal, and they still have Phillip Rivers who is a great gunslinger. But there is such backlash and pain from their fans in San Diego, that it seems like they will be playing with a lot of distractions.

The Chargers, will have to overcome a lot. And going 8-8 will not win any fans over. Their existence in Los Angeles could be a complete disaster. Especially until they move into their new stadium which will be shared by the Rams.

So why are there two NFL teams in LA when there is doubt they can even support one?This is all about the NFL wanting to set up shop in LA and have the new stadium host the Superbowl every few years. Its also about getting lots of tourists from road team fans to spend a lot of money when coming here. Its very sad when there is a feeling that both the Rams and Chargers aren’t first priority. But that is how commissioner Roger Goodell conducts business. That said, I will be throwing a Rams party week one. Hopefully people won’t lose interest until at least the second half.




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