Clippers and Lakers get busy as the draft looms

Two days before the draft, the Lakers are shipping young point guard D’Angelo Russell, and absurd contract stiff, Tim Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets for big man Brook Lopez.

Getting rid of Russell means that most likely the Lakers will draft Lonzo Ball. Maybe the biggest part of this trade is getting rid of Mozgov’s absurd contract to add cap space to acquire Paul George. It seems like the Lakers are making a lot of moves to get competitive fast.

Even if the Lakers improve, they are still no where near the champion Warriors. But with the emergence of the Celtics, it seems in three to five years the Celtics-Lakers will be the best rivalry in basketball again.

The LA Clippers made news too, by hiring NBA legend and executive wiz Jerry West. Word is he has a great relationship with Lebron James, and might be the key to luring him to LA. Lebron tweeted out a sincere farewell to ousted Cavs GM, David Griffin and is probably pissed he was let go. And I’m sure Steve Balmer thinks with Jerry West helping, here is their chance to make a big splash.

My prediction is the Clippers will not get Lebron anytime soon. And if they do a few years down the line, his time in LA could be as depressing as Jordan in Washington.

Final thought… ¬†Lakers going the right direction, the Clippers are dangelo-russell-facegoing south.


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