Spanish matador Ivan Fandino (shown above in pink socks as he narrowly avoids having his testicles shish – ka – bobbed) was killed Saturday in France after getting caught in his own cloak and being gored in the chest by the bull.  The bull, a five year old, also passed away from its wounds, but not before it enacted its revenge on Fandino.   Fandino was 36 years old, and is the second matador  to be killed in the past 12 months, with 29-year-old Victor Barrio dying at an animal murdering festival last July.  Fandino was known for his fighting style and bravado, famously assassinating six bulls on his own in 2012.

Human rights activists have once again called for putting an end to bull fighting,  but they are opposed by the World Bull Fighting Commission as well as the many manufacturers of cloaks.

The killing spree occurred at the Aire-sur-l’Adour bullfighting festival in France. In Fandino’s first fight of the day, he had successfully cut off a bull’s ear (or unsuccessfully from the point of view of the bull).   As he was being transported on stretcher from the arena, spectators said that Fandino was murmuring  “hurry up, I’m dying” to fellow matadors, but it was difficult for those nearby to hear him, especially the bull with the single good ear and the coagulated hole on the other side of its head.



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