Featured Player of the Week: Vic Beasley

He was labeled as a first round bust, just some fast guy who would get bodied by big lineman. Vic Beasley was our first round pick in the 2015 draft, 8th overall. As an edge rusher only one stat really matters, how many times you sack the QB. In his rookie season Vic Beasley had a mere four sacks which is disappointing for such a high pick. Reports after the year had concluded stated that Vic had a torn shoulder labrum and played through it. This gave the fans confidence for a turnaround year. In his sophomore season Vic Beasley accounted for about half the teams sacks. That wasn’t his most impressive stat, he lead the entire NFL in sacks at a whopping 16. The numbers on this kid seem bright, especially having new additions Dontari Poe, and Takk McKinley on the D-Line to take away double teams. Vic Beasley will be a leader on defense this season, Quarterbacks beware.


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