The last 5 days have been completely nuts for NBA media. I thought after the Finals stories were going to come at a premium….


In the last three days, I’ve written 6 blogs on NBA news and this one is my seventh. I’ve been in twitter over-drive and have worn nothing but basketball jerseys for the last 4 days…

It started with Philly/Boston, they made their deal to swap picks so Philly could draft Markelle Fultz and form the young “big 3”

Then, Paul George tells the Pacers he will leave for LA, then Indiana proceeds to start calling Cleveland for a trade…

Kevin Durant then starts arguing with a girl that accused him of having a fart fetish with a side-girl in Oklahoma City….

Now, Jimmy Butler has jumped into rumors that Cleveland is pursuing a trade for him. And Jimmy Butler is now pushing for the Bulls to make a deal…

Last night, the Cavaliers went and fired GM David Griffin, a puzzling move. People thought LeBron made sure he was fired. Then LeBron tweeted to make sure that people knew it wasn’t him:

Now apparently Chauncey Billups is a candidate to replace Griffin:

Now, the Knicks are rumored to be interested in trading Kristaps Porzingis, and Phil Jackson met with Arizona F Lauri Markkanen who is a clone of KPorze.

BREAKING: The Celtics are now rumored to be interested in a KPorze trade for the #3 pick:

Chris Broussard just said on TheHerd you could get “anything” for KPorze because he’s “that good”

What the fuck is going on???? I’m losing track of all these stories now. Something is going to blow up in the next day. The tension in the NBA is similar to a party with In-Laws you hate… its unmatched.


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