Enough is Enough With Pablo Sandoval

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees


Sandoval continues to eat away at the team’s present and future with his presence.

There is no longer a choice for the Red Sox, though, on their $95 million dollar mistake of an investment. He’s been dead weight since May of last year, even if he’s technically at the proper weight for playing.

Tuesday’s report of Pablo Sandoval landing on the DL further illustrated what little value Sandoval has left to give for this team. You could not create a more laughable phantom injury than what Sandoval has: both a combination of the stomach flu, and an infection in his left inner ear. Not a calf injury like when Manny Ramirez used to not wanna play, an effing ear infection.

NESN even went along with this game, with Guerin Austin saying she saw Sandoval holding his ear late in Monday night’s game. Try as they might, we all know what it meant when Christian Vazquez, a catcher, had to fill in to play third base late in only a two-run game.

Forgive me for taking the low-hanging fruit, but that’s just what Pablo Sandoval is to the Red Sox: an infection. The Red Sox can’t be around him or else they risk being infected with apathy syndrome, or whatever can be called the mindset of “I’m making my millions already so I don’t have to try any harder than I need to“.

Sandoval’s lack of utility and consistency on the field impacts the team’s performance so badly that it drove the team to roster troubles. Just hours before Tuesday night’s game, the Red Sox organized a secret emergency rescue of Sam Travis and Devin Marrero from Pawtucket to play them that night against the right-handed pitcher.

Look, when the team has to arrange a private jet to get replacements from Pawtucket for what should be a day-to-day injury at worst, it shows the team has other plans with Sandoval.

The Red Sox are flat out running out of ways to keep Sandoval on the shelf. It’s hilarious how the MLB isn’t looking into this injury whatsoever because the timing and conditions of this injury couldn’t be more suspicious.

John Farrell is sitting Sandoval whether it’s lefty or righty now because they currently don’t have an extra battery at third base after the six innings Sandoval can only play.

Whether a guy is a good player or not, MLB teams value players who are able to play everyday or every other day. A player with as many fancy conditions about when he can play and not is ultimately useless for a team. Keeping one of these guys on the roster is just a waste of time and a roster spot.

It’s simple to assume the Red Sox are on the verge of cutting bait on Pablo, but ownership just doesn’t wanna bite the bullet yet. It’s understandable, but keeping Sandoval for any longer is making it harder to find his replacement. In his total time with the Red Sox, which is about a full season, Pablo is batting .207.

The bottom line: you can’t keep a player like that around, unless they bring something to the table such as their glove.

The Red Sox do have a player like that, and he played third base instead last night. Of course I mean Devin Marrero, who couldn’t have been happier to get the call early Tuesday morning. Instead of being frustrated that he had to play Tuesday night on no sleep all because the Red Sox screwed up their roster, he took the high road like a professional. If somehow the Red Sox stand pat at the deadline, they should give consideration to guys who really want it like Marrero.

Now the Red Sox are more than likely to add another third baseman and take on another contract at the deadline, whether it’s Todd Frazier, Mike Moustakas, or *gulp* Travis Shaw. And it’s all because of Sandoval not being ready to play and being ineffective on the blue moons he’s out there.

Now it’s to ownership to eat the money on Sandoval’s deal. No team is trading for him even if you make another escape hatch trade, and the team option in his contract isn’t until the next presidential election.

Management, John Farrell and the team would all appreciate it. Make it quick, and make it clean.


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