Red Sox Bullpen Sucked against the Royals 

After winning 2 out of 3 against Houston, arguably the best team in the American League, the Red Sox have now lost 2 out of 3 to the Royals. Largely due to the Red Sox bullpen shitting the bed when called on.

I haven’t complained about the Red Sox bullpen in a while so I think it’s long over due in my opinion. And this series just gave me an opportunity to go off again so let’s have some fun.

The Red Sox lost 2 of 3 against the Royals and in each of the 2 losses, the bullpen was to blame. Let’s look at the first game. In game one the Red Sox got into a quick 2 run deficit but in typical Boston fashion, they erased that two run lead and tied it at 2 in the 4th after JBJ hit a 2 run ding dong dingah.

Now I know the Red Sox could have scored more runs to help the pitching out but nonetheless, the bullpen fucks things up in the 7th giving up 2 runs and the royals would take a 4-2 lead and an eventual victory with the same score.

The next day the Red Sox shit on the Royals like they should and won 8-3 so fast forward to today.

Today, the Red Sox found themselves trailing 2-0 again early and again clawed their way back and tied it 2-2 after back-to-back ding dong dingahs  from Benny Bubblegum and Xander. Then the next inning the Red Sox would score two more on a sac fly and a throwing error to take a 4-2 lead which SHOULD HAVE been the final score.

But no, here comes the Red Sox bullpen to fuck things up again. And after walking 3 people in a row from a combination of Barnes then Robbie Scott, Robbie Scott allows a grand slam for the Royals to take a 6-4 lead and eventually with the game.

The Red Sox bullpen couldn’t even pitching just two scoreless innings to win a game. Just 2! Hell you could have even given up one run and still win and even if you did allow two, you still had a chance to win. But no, they gave up 4 runs on a grand slam…. FOUR! Robbie Scott you are trash but Barnes is just as much to blame. They both aren’t quality to say the least.

Hopefully they don’t make this a habit because the Red Sox are actually in position to take the top spot and run with it but not if they keep pulling this shit.

This game genuinely pissed me off, so sorry for the rant. But it had to happen. With that said, I still love you Red Sox. Just stop fuckin up.


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