We will finally find out what the Celtics plan to do tonite after six agonizing months where it seems like we went from Lonzo Ball, to Markelle Fultz to a 180 turn towards Josh Jackson to today’s rumors where most people in the know are stating the Celtics will take Duke’s Jayson Tatum.  I like the player, he has the ability to get by defenders with his quickness, and can finish at the rim.  His size and strength allow him to play both forward positions.  He can be an unwilling passer at times however.  Defensively he’s sound, and he’s a good rebounder who plays with aggression.

My concern about the player is simply this, he played for Duke.  Go through the list of stars coming out of Duke who are in the NBA today , and other than Kyrie Irving, I’d venture that every one of them has been a less than impactive player in the pros.   Austin Rivers, Seth Curry, Rodney Hood, Gerald Henderson, Kyle Singler, Tyus Jones, Mike Dunleavy, Jahlil Okafor and Justice Winslow to name nine.  The Plumlees, Quinn Cook and Ryan Kelly to name five more.  Laettner, Boozer,  Battier and Parks to complete an all time Duke Low-Achiever roster.  I’d be willing to say Josh McRoberts is what he was at Duke, as well as Jabari Parker whose development has been slowed by injuries, but the Duke system does produce so many solid players who benefit from playing with each other that it often clouds the players weaknesses such as the ability to play out of double teams or play with players who dominate the ball, something Coach K doesn’t allow.  I think in this case Tatum will be a good pick, but I’d feel more comfortable taking Josh Jackson with the third pick.   If you want to know the history of Duke players who spent time on the Celtics, google the sordid careers of Shavlik Randolph, Shelden Williams and the bricklaying, stone handed Alaa Abdelnaby.



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    Duke is awesome!

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