BREAKING: Paul George Will Be Traded To The Oklahoma City Thunder

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The Pacers finally made their move, they make the deal to trade highly coveted SF Paul George.

George will be a rental for the Thunder, but this move could put the Thunder as a contender to GSW, Russ finally has a weapon. George will be able to defend well, fit around Adams and Brodie well and still score at a good rate. George averaged almost 24 PPG on almost 40% from 3 point range.

The Thunder needed this move after a season where Russell Westbrook had to do EVERYTHING for them just to get by. Now that this deal is done, it is absolutely incredible that the Celtics couldn’t muster up a deal for George.

The Pacers ONLY got Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo, and gave up Paul George. If i was Danny Ainge, i would of gave up that Nets pick in a heartbeat for George. The Celtics swing and miss AGAIN, and now will be left in limbo.

As for OKC, Westbrook now has a legit weapon around him, here is a potential lineup:

PG Russ SG George SF Roberson PF Kanter C Adams

That lineup is a 50 win team easily, but they won’t compete against the Rockets, Spurs, or Warriors.
Celtics fans gotta be beside themselves here. 



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