Puig Pisses off the Mets

The New York Mets can huff and puff all they want after Yasel Puig’s mammoth three run homer, but they should probably be more pissed that they have been outscored 30-8  in three games.

It has certainly been a bloodbath. The Dodgers have the hottest lineup in baseball, and the Mets with their reserve pitching staff are taking a beating. Though it would be nice if the Dark Knight was healthy and he got shelled instead of Tyler Pill.

But lets get back to Puig’s homerun. I’m not one for a silly, Joey Bautista bat flip and stare down of the pitcher. I{n my opinion, Puig just admired his shot, which is pretty standard in baseball today. On a scale of showing up a pitcher, I would give Puig a four which doesn’t constitute for the Mets to confront him. They should be more concerned about getting him640Puig_8506656 out today. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he gets plunked.

This brings me back to my defending of the whole Bryce Harper brawl. You have a problem with Harper hitting bombs off of you. Next time you face him, strike him out. Beaning a guy just sets up a brawl where you put your teammates in danger, and nothing is accomplished. I am talking to you Hunter Strickland.

That said the Dodgers are crazy hot. And their lineup is so deep Puig is batting eighth. Now that the pressure is off of him, he will for sure admire many more bombs this season.


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