Could a new big 3 be forming in Boston?

IMG_1252With all of the rumors and bullshit buzzing around the league the past week or so there was one thing Celtics fans should be excited about. A deal with the Indiana Pacer could be close or in place for highly coveted star Paul George. Last year the Celtics didn’t trade their pick for Jimmy Butler and this year they didn’t either. Last year was different though. They didn’t trade for him because the asking price was too high. This year is because they might already know that Gordon Hayward is ready to come to Boston. Another reason why is because they were working out this possible deal with the Pacers. Now people might ask why don’t they just pull of the trade now? Well it’s because the Celtics want to wait for. Hayward to sign and then it is then easier for them to work out all the cap that they would be taking on. Also another reason would be that maybe Paul George is willing to sign an extension with the Celtics but only if they do in fact get Hayward. So you see it’s kind of like a KG and Ray Allen type of thing. These moves could push the Celtics over the top but what could this possible trade include. I don’t think it will include Jaylen Brown or the newly drafted Jayson Tatum. They drafted these guys to keep and to look to the future. Smart, Bradly and Crowder are probably in this “trade” if it even happens.

If this trade and the signing of Hayward all happens then the Celtics are building their own little dynasty yet again but this time with a big 3 of IT, Gordon Hayward and Paul George. Also with key pieces around them like Al Horford and the young kids Brown and Tatum. This team could make Cleveland a little nervous next year if Trader Danny is able to pull this one off. This is the type of deal that Celtic fans have been dying for and they could get it just a few short weeks.


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