bulls.jpgThere were winners and losers from last night’s draft, but the biggest loser of the evening was the Chicago Bulls.   The organization made a horrendous trade and then drafted a player who very well may be donning the shoes pictured above.  The Bulls made the playoffs in 2017, had a three time all star in Jimmy Butler on their roster who also happens to like playing defense, and they traded him away, despite his going on record saying he wants to stay in Chicago.  What the Bulls got in return is laughable.  Zach Levine, who is coming off a knee injury, Chris Dunn who struggled so much he might have to change the spelling of his last name, (Chris shot a dreadful 28 percent from what we know as three point land, but Chris refers to as “wicked far out where I can’t reach,” and 37 percent from inside the arc).  In other words Chris shot the same percentage on his layups and short range shots as an average player shoots from outside the arc.  Woeful.

Then the Bulls drafted Lauri Markkanen, a 7 foot wing shooter from Arizona who was uninspiring in the NCAA tournament.   To me,  7 foot three point shooters are a dime a dozen and I will never figure out why so many NBA execs think they are getting the next Dirk Nowitski when they draft these lanky, timid stiffs.  From Andrea Bargnani to Kevin Pittsnogle, the league just keeps reaching for these soft players who like to hide out along the perimeter so they don’t have to deal with the rough stuff in the paint.  I also don’t place a lot of faith in men who answer to the name Lauri.  It was a bad trade, even if Dunn figures it out and Levine becomes his old self.  Trades where you get three players for a top ten player never work out for the team getting more players.  For examples, See – Kobe Bryant trade, Bill Russell trade, Charles Barkley trade, Abdul Jabbar trade, James Harden trade, and soon enough, alongside those epic fails we will have the Jimmy Butler trade.



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