Lonzo Ball’s Career Track Is Becoming Eerily Similar To The Early Career Of LeBron

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Right away, this seems like a hot take, but if you break it down, this take cools down a little. For the last 6 months or so, we have been hearing non-stop hype about former UCLA PG and current Laker, Lonzo Ball. ESPN, Slam Magazine, talk show after talk show, the hype was one of the most wide-spread in recent drafts.

Lonzo’s hype is not quite the same as LeBron’s, because most of it was provoked through LaVar, but hype is still hype. Both came out of high school possessing an unteachable passing gift, both players around 6’7″ with funky shot forms. Go back to LeBron’s high school tape, he shot form wasn’t great.

LeBron set the record for points in the McDonald’s All-American game, while Lonzo set the McDonald’s All-American game record for assists. Both players enter the league playing for their home-town teams being looked upon to lead them back to the promise land.

Obviously, both players ended up being top 2 overall picks, being drafted to teams with dysfunctional ownership, who will end up being the ball dominant players. If players could come straight out of high school still, you bet i would of taken high school Lonzo Ball over Ingram, Jaylen Brown, Dragan Bender.

Both players are running their own business thorough their own clique, with both players being the primary meal ticket of the operation. LaVar Ball’s brand “Big Baller Brand” is nothing without Lonzo Ball, we know that. LeBron met Maverick Carter in high school and played basketball together while at St. V’s.

Maverick now runs the LeBron brand, landing him a lifetime contract with Nike for a billion dollars. Let me stress, Big Baller Brand is no where near the brand of LeBron… but, if Lonzo or one of the other Ball boys pop in the league, who knows how how much Big Baller Brand could grow.

They aren’t in the same stratosphere as far as talent goes at the same age, that is not debatable. But, Magic has made it clear that Zo gets the keys to the franchise, they just shipped D’Angelo Russell out for Nets C Brook Lopez, and cleared cap by dumping Timofey Mozgov, it is clear Magic is building around Lonzo.

I don’t think it is crazy to say Lonzo can put up 21.3 PPG 6.1 REB 9.7 AST once he touches his prime. He won’t be the player LeBron James is, but his career track seems to be following the same formula. Just putting this out there, Lonzo has said before his favorite NBA player is LeBron…

Both guys will enter the league with targets on their backs. LeBron was called King James in high school… Lonzo was compared to every super star ever, players will want to murder this guys when he gets on the court. Just like when LeBron entered the league, his own Cavs teammates didn’t think LeBron was that great…



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