Boston is a No Moose Zone

The Red Sox are in a hole at third base there is no denying it. The Red Sox farm system is depleated and there is no denying that either. Although most Sox fans refuse to accept it, there is no way for Dave Dombrowski to get an all star third baseman and keep his current farm core in tact. With that said, bringing in Mike Moustakas would be a huge mistake.

Donbrowski has been ripped in recent years for throwing away the Sox top prospects in trades for players such as Tyler Thornburg.  Red Sox fans all around hate on DD day in and day out and will not rest until his head is paraded through the streets of Boston, or on a much lesser scale, he is fired. Yet it is these same fans that believe that it is a great idea for the Sox to go out and get Mike Moustakas, the third baseman for the Kansas City Royals. “The Moose” as he is known in KC, would be a certain upgrade at the hot corner for the Sox, but would not be free. The Royals are not going to give up on their potential run at the AL Central for nothing in return just because the fear of Moustakas walking in free agency at the end of the year gets to them. If they do fall below .500 again, they may look to sell but it will be for a serious return and a lot of prospects.

For Dave Dombrowski to pull off this trade he would have to gut the Sox farm system even further. If Moustakas gets hurt, underperforms or walks in free agency after anything less than a championship, Dombrowski will be even further on the hot seat than before with the same Sox fans that were pushing to have him acquire Moustakas. What happens if Dave gives up Devers in the deal to get Moustakas and the Sox are left with just Pablo Sandoval st third again to start 2018?

So although it is a definite position that needs upgrading there are cheaper options than Moustakas. Dombrowski, for his own safety, needs to stay away from “significant upgrades” and simply find a stopgap third badseman for cheap to help the Sox in the short term before Devers is MLB ready. If this doesn’t happen, Dombrowski’s days could be numbered in Beantown.


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