LaVar Ball on WWE Monday Night Raw Was Absolutely Bonkers

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I don’t give a fuck what people say about him, LaVar Ball is the fucking man. Slightly stupid, but wildly entertaining. LaVar Ball and WWE is a match made in heaven. LaVar Ball and WWE go together like hip-hop & hoops, pizza & beer, escalators & fat people… you name it.

I’m not sure whats good with LaVar when it comes to introductions, but one thing is for sure, he certainly does not choreograph anything, just shakes violently.

I love it:

He’s like a 3rd grader at recess here, no shirt just running around with no fucks to give… Honestly, the funniest part about this is that Lonzo & Melo are just sitting there watching him running around, it’s LaVar’s show, their just bystanders.

I certainly don’t own WWE, i’m also not a connoisseur of WWE. But, if i was i would make sure this guy got a contract right away, walking entertainment machine.


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