Colin Kaepernick Did This To Himself

Once again the politically correct police are outraged at a social justice issue, if you even want to call it that. However, it seems that the PC police are just about the only type of police that are going to back Colin Kaepernick. Over the past year, Kaepernick has spoken out about his dislike for the police force and their mistreatment of colored men and women. Of course, his biggest protest coming during the national anthem before his games.

Kaepernick created a storm of debate when he first kneeled during the national anthem in a pre-season game of the 2016 season in front of 248 military members. The action sparked an unbelievable amount of controversy. ESPN and other sports networks talked about it throughout the whole season and it seemed that was the only talking point of 49ers football.

People are making this guy out to be some type of martyr who gave his career up for the good of others. Colin Kaepernick is not choosing activism over football. If that was his intention he wouldn’t have worked out for the Seahawks just a couple weeks ago. Of course he wants a job in the NFL, he’d be stupid not to. This isn’t about a social activism movement, this is about him being unable to find an NFL team that wants him.

The popular theory of Kaepernick supporters is he is being black balled by the league because of his stance against police injustice. Because of the majority of the owners in the league being white, his supporters believe this is a stance against Kaepernick. Obviously most of his fans are not fully aware of the what it takes to run an NFL front office.

Put yourself in the shoes of an NFL owner. Let’s start with the pure attention he brings. NFL owners are all business, all the time. When it comes the press, owners want to stay away from any controversial topics regarding their football team. The 2015-16 49ers season was swarmed with the media coverage of Kaepernick and the anthem. Absolutely no owner of any team wants the main image of their team to be a controversial political message.

There are some owners that refuse to sign Kaepernick because of his actions and message. Honestly, I don’t blame them. For those owners who have friends or family serving in the forces, why would they sign someone who completely goes against them? People need to realize it is okay to disagree with someone else’s beliefs.

I know what’s coming next. How could Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and Joe Mixon all have serious domestic abuse cases and still get contracts, yet Kaepernick can’t? First of all, I disagree with all of those contracts. If I was the owner of an NFL team, none of those players along with any others with previous records of abuse would get a contract from me. That being said, these players were all really good players, at positions of depth.

Adrian Peterson is a hall of fame running back. Greg Hardy is a fearsome pass rusher. Joe Mixon is a complete first round talent, that only dropped into the second round because of his off the field issues. Although I personally wouldn’t have signed them, they are all talented players on the field.

On a skill level, Colin Kaepernick is a below average player quarterback. Last year alone, the 49ers were 1-10 in games started by Kaepernick. He also sported an under 60% completion percentage, which is right in line with lower tier NFL starters. Kaepernick was never known as having a very accurate arm, and relied mostly on his ability to run. His play style is one that’s fading in the NFL and has been proven not to consistently be affective.

Although Colin was only 1-10 last year, he did throw for 16 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. Looking at his stats, he is a pretty average quarterback. Another popular argument is that he is not the 32nd best quarterback in the league. With 32 teams in the league, how could he not be a starter?

Well for a team like the Bears he absolutely could be. Colin could go in and easily be the top quarterback on the roster. However, if you know anything about football you’d know that a team would be much better suited with a rookie quarterback with much better upside. Owners know Kaepernick isnt getting any younger, and they know the lack of potential with him.

Colin Kaepernick did this to himself. Since reaching the Super Bowl in 2012, his game has been on a downward trend. But there is a reason why 32 other back up quarterbacks have jobs and he doesn’t. When it comes to walking on the field, they keep their mouth shut and do their jobs. Off the field, hundreds of NFL players are making changes across the world without disrespecting a single person.

Colin has donated his money and time to causes he believes are very good and I applaud him for that. However, when you bring the issues on the football field, you run the risk of losing your job. One thing I will not do is feel bad for a millionaire that lost his job because of a controversial on-field political statement.


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  1. I think he must be asking for too much $. When you play like he’s been playing, not good, you need to accept what teams are offering and prove yourself

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