Jimmy Butler Giving Out His Phone Number In A Presser Is a Phony Power Move

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Jimmy Butler’s trade to Minnesota is still very fresh and Jimmy Buckets needs an ego booster. This is a genius idea for an ego booster, make a fake challenge to the world. It’s like “yeah come at me bro” but when someone comes at you there is no chance for a reaction.

I actually texted the number to see what kind of phone he has, he owns an IPhone because I had the iMessage option on the text. On the iPhone, you can turn off iMessage and SMS messaging, so you won’t even get any messages to see. As far as calls go, the iPhone has a “Do Not Disturb” option where your phone won’t even ring when a call comes in.

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Jimmy Butler could get a billion calls in the next day and won’t even know because his phone won’t even ring. It is a risk-free way to express how salty you are about the trade and seem like a tough guy.

It was on every major sports new outlet, Bleacher Report, House Of Highlights, SportsCenter, Legion Hoops, you name it. In conclusion, Jimmy will get headlines as a tough guy from these outlets, but won’t have to back himself up or challenge anyone.

I personally love Jimmy Butler because I am a Bulls fan, but this is the most Jimmy Butler thing ever. Despite the fact Jimmy looks tough here, this is definitely a phony power move.


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