Klay Thompson Dancing In The Club Like A Douche Is Not A Good Look

Klay Thompson being associated with douche-bag like moves is not new. From his awful dancing and sipping on Coors Light (awful beer) in post game press conferences, to cheating on his hot girlfriend and his textbook douche beard. But, nothing emulates Klay Thompson more than this horribly executed picture:

Image result for klay thompson thumbs in pockets

Thumbs in pockets??

The thumbs in pockets move is just AWFUL. Anyway, here is the clip of Thompson’s dancing moves:

If I had to blindly guess any move Klay would do, the crotch-grab would be the go to move without a doubt. Klay must think he’s at a Footloose try out because literally nobody is dancing with him here. Not one human is within 10 feet on Klay, the DJ realizes he is there at the end and you could tell he was uncomfortable.


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