The Demise of The Clippers

It was just a few weeks ago, eccentric Clippers owner Steve Ballmer boasted about “kicking the Lakers ass” and that his team was more focused on winning championships than a Lakers rivalry. But after a disappointing first round loss against Utah and the exodus of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, the Clippers are closer to lottery balls than rings.

Ballmer has brought in Jerry West to help rebuild the Clippers and there are faint hopes that they will try to woo Lebron James, but that is highly unlikely. Where the Clippers went wrong was giving too much power to overrated coach Doc Rivers. It seems every year in the post season, Rivers has his Clippers underachieving. To make things worse, Rivers has unconditional loyalty to his son Austin.

I’m not sure Austin would get any minutes on any other NBA team. But on the Clippers he is a prime time player. In game 7 of the first round playoffs, Rivers played a mind boggling 37 minutes and finished with 9 points and a minus 12. How the hell did this happen? Doc is like that little league coach who lets his son pitch and bat clean-up much to the chagrin of the rest of the team. In pro sports this is unacceptable and should signal the end for Rivers.

I mean lets think about this. In a way the Clippers let their best player walk cause the coach chose loyalty to his incompetent son.

Without Chris Paul and even the exit of Blake Griffin whose career has flattened out, at best they will be average. My advice to the Clippers brass is to start over and tank. And yes fire Doc Rivers. He was handed Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan and a solid bench. With that much talent any team can win in the regular season but in the playoffs he underachieved greatly. Maybe its time for him to take his son and coach in the D-league.


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