The Perfect Celtics Storm

Danny Ainge has maneuvered himself into the perfect situation, he has a chance to create a championship team while keeping the high lottery picks and holding onto the Brooklyn assets.

Free Agency is about to kick off and for the longest time Celtics fans have heard Gordon Hayward’s name tossed around in a similar fashion of the way Al Horford’s name was last year.

Hayward is a perfect fit for Boston, Brad Stevens was his college coach for crying out loud. They have a great relationship, and would thrive working together in Boston. Hayward has stated he wants to compete, he is ready to win. Going to a team who was the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference last year and beat Cleveland in a game during the Eastern Conference Finals would certainly satisfy his need to compete.

One of the major needs the Celtics need is shooting, and Hayward is one of the best in the game when it comes to firing from long range.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding Paul George being traded to Boston as well. This deal to me isn’t worth it unless we can get PG to commit to a long term deal, because having him as a rental wouldn’t be worth giving up the assets.

The Pacers and Celtics have yet to reach an agreement on the trade. The Pacers are asking for more, and the Celtics aren’t budging. The Celtics have all of the leverage in this situation, as if the Pacers don’t act now and get what they can for George they will end up losing him in free agency after next year and receive no compensation. The Celtics package is by far the best offer the Pacers are going to get.

If Danny can pull this off, hats off to the man. He will have created an enormous window for potential championships. The only untouchables should be; next years Brooklyn pick, Jaylen Brown, and newly drafted Jayson Tatum. Those guys and the pick are the young core that could make this team great for many years to come.

If this deal gets done, the Celtics have a good chance to knock of the Cavs and represent the East in the NBA Finals and would have a helluva series against Golden State.


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