Trader Danny misses again

Breaking News: Paul George has been traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Now what the Pacers got isn’t too bad but with the contract of Oladipo is a little much and it could back fire on them in the future. I don’t really know why the Pacers would accept this offer when they probably could have gotten something way better than these two from the Celtics but that also relies on Ainge too. As Ainge says “it takes two to make a deal”.

Now if you are telling me that “Trader Danny” couldn’t top this then you are insane. This does not look good for Danny because he traded the first overall pick to make some more cap space for 2 max deals and now got nothing for moving back except possibly a worse player. The Celtics right now could have Markelle Fultz and could still be trying to get Gordon Hayward.

In other news to make Danny look even worse, Blake Griffin is staying in LAC for a huge contract of 5 years 173 million dollars. This was the Celtics so called backup plan and now he is staying in LA. Danny is absolutely choking right now and is already missing on 2 big fish that he should have gotten. Danny could have turned the Celtics into a dynasty with a winning now roster and having the young kids and draft picks to keep it going into the future. Danny really missed out on this deal and on a lot of deals since his last good trade when getting the Brooklyn draft picks and getting IT.


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