Why you shouldn’t think a sign and trade with Utah will happen


The Celtics all but officially have Gordon Hayward. All that’s left to be done is to sign the contract. The problem is that the Celtics need to do some salary cleaning. As of right now the Celtics don’t have enough cap space to sign Hayward so they need to get rid of some via trade. So rumors have been flying around that there could be a sign and trade situation happening like the Chris Paul situation. The name that comes with this happening is of course Jae Crowder. Now the Celtics don’t just want to give away an asset for nothing so they are looking for good value as well.

From the reports that have been going around it has been Gordon Hayward for Crowder. Now this the Celtics will never ever accept because they are giving away a valuable piece which they could get something else for instead of absolutely nothing. Sign-and-trades must make sense for both sides and the Celtics are not going to gift Crowder to the Jazz just because Hayward is walking away for nothing.

Could a sign and trade with Crowder end up working? Yes it definitely could but there would have to be a lot of other moving parts from the Jazz and the Celtics. If the Celtics were to give up Crowder they would have to get some sort of draft pick or young and cheaper player in return.

My thinking would be Derek Favors or Rodney Hood. The only issue is Favors and Hood both have expiring contracts so it is kind of taking a risk if they give up Crowder who is still on a three-year deal. A deal that would make sense and clears enough cap space is Crowder and Bradley for Hayward, Favors and Hood, but again these guys are on expiring contracts so it’s hard to really get behind this because those guys could walk at the end of the year.

Last thing the Celts and Jazz could do is give up Rozier and Jackson for Hayward and a pick. Now Rozier is a third year guy coming off a pretty solid year and has a lot of upside. Now again he will not be given away for nothing, so he could yield a first round pick later on or something like that.

Either way though the Celtics have to make a move and shed somebody’s contract because they need to sign this big name. So be prepared to see possibly one or two of these names traded in the next week or so; Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier.


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