The Avery Trade Was A Good Move Celtics Fans

Guys, I love Avery Bradley as much as the next guy, but this move was inevitable. 

Bradley’s contract will expire after next year, and the Celtics will not have the money to pay him the money he deserves and will be expecting, which means we would’ve lost him in free agency.

We got something back for him, a good player who can put the ball in the basket and rebound. His rebounding numbers are misleading because most of the time he was on the floor with the best rebounder in the game in Andre Drummond, but believe me, this guy will help with the rebounding issue this team has.

Marcus Morris also has a SUPER team friendly contract, the quality of play is far beyond what you would expect when looking at his contract.

This is a significant upgrade at PF, and think about it, with Kelly gone and Horford playing the 5, who was going to start as the 4?? Jerebko?? Give me a break, this was a solid move to get something instead of nothing for Avery.

Don’t get me wrong, Avery leaving hurts, it really does. Over the past 7 years, he has been the heart and soul of this team, and we won’t forget what he did for us. But I could see a move like this coming from a mile away, and now that it has happened we shouldn’t be up in arms about it.

Furthermore, this move also means that the Celtics are most likely keeping Marcus Smart, as they continue to shop Jae Crowder. Out of these 3 guys, Marcus is the one to keep, he has the highest ceiling and is younger.

Anyways thanks Avery Bradley, kick some ass in Detroit.


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