*Hits Blunt* Hampton: Bears Could Have Won 4 Super Bowls With Jay 

Safe to say Dan Hampton has officially lost his damn mind and also smokes way too much to be considered credible anymore. It’s the only explanation besides CTE, which is a touchy subject. 

Hampton, one of the defensive stars on that stellar ’85 Bears team, came out recently and made an outrageously hot take. He said, word for word, “if my team had Jay Cutler at QB we would have won four Super Bowls.” This statement comes after a statement he made in 2015 saying that his team would have won 5 Super Bowls with Jay. So slowly but surely, he is taking his comments back one step at a time because he realizes how bad Jay was in Chicago… at least I hope so. 

Forget about the fact that Jay is soft and would never last a day in the old NFL where Qbs were not very protected. But look at his stats with his stint in Chicago. He only amassed over 3,000 passing yards 5 times in 8 years. That means for 3 seasons he threw for less than 3,000 yards. Not good. Let’s not forget the fact that he also threw 26 interceptions in 2009 with only 27 TDs. That’s shit. In 8 years, he only threw for 20+ TDs 4 times…. FOUR. In 2011, he threw for a whopping 13 TDs. He threw 109 interceptions in his year in Chicago. That’s ass.

Not only were the stats bad but Jay Cutler is softer than charmin ultra soft. He didn’t play a game due to an “injury” when it was said that he could have easily played with it. Oh I forgot, it was a playoff game too. And put him in 1985 where Qbs aren’t protected and it’s a free for fall? Yeah good luck with that one. 

Look at McMahon who played 7 seasons in Chicago. He only threw 56 interceptions. How many did jay throw? Oh yeah, 109. 

Sorry Dan but you’re crazy for this take. Jay would have done no better than what you guys had back then. 

Thanks for the signed picture though, love you for that! 


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  1. I would take Jim McMahon over Cutler anyday. There’s got to be a fued goin on between Hampton and Mac. Can’t think of any other reason to say something so stupid and disrespectful

    1. There must be. McMahon was frequently hurt too, but he played through a lot of it. Mac is better

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