Porcello Just Can’t Catch a Break 

There’s no denying that Porcello hasn’t had the best of years as the reigning Cy Young award winner. Matter of fact, he’s 4-11 with a 4.75 ERA. Even though he had a great year last year, Red Sox fans, including myself, are ruthless in their criticism of Porcello. But even when he pitches great, Porcello just can’t catch a break. 
Last night we saw vintage Porcello that we grew so accustom to seeing last year. He pitched great last night going 8 innings only allowing 1 run on 6 hits and striking out 7. Even with pitching 1 run baseball, Porcello took the L which leads to this article on how Porcello just can’t catch a break. 

We give Porcello a lot of shit and never give the guy a break, but now he pitches fantastic and the offense is nowhere to be found.

The night before, the Red Sox scored 8 runs with 3 home runs. Last night? ZERO runs on only 3 hits. The Red Sox hit as many homers the game before as they had all of hits last night. Give Porcello a break guys. You can’t mustard up 2 runs to give Porcello a win and some confidence with his spectacular performance? 

Now Porcello takes a loss with only allowing 1 run and he’s got to be thinking, “wtf I gotta do to get a f*ckin win around here?” 

It reminds me of chris sale in his first few starts in Boston where he could not get any run support whatsoever. 

Come on Red Sox, you’re better than that. Let’s give Porcello a break when he actually pitches great. 


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