This Picture Of An Old Man Donating Tennis Balls At An Animal Shelter Is Heartwarming As Fuck

I don’t care who you are or how tough you think you are, this picture will smack you right in your feels.  

This picture is so warm that it could melt the polar ice caps 10 times over.  Don’t show Al Gore or he might try and start some bullshit campaign to have it banned for his own financial gain in the end. 

Back to the real reason for the post which was to be able to share this boss ass picture with the world and to make even the toughest of bros feel soft as their broish bean bag chairs. Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with feeling that way either, it’s just nature. You aren’t going to escape that. 

I put my own little back story to this where the guy was a loner his whole life and only connected with one thing in his whole life…a puppy he had when he was younger that he rescued. He lost the puppy when it was hit by a car. So for the rest of his life he was slightly bitter toward the world but one thing remained consistent- he would always bring a bag of tennis balls for the local shelter animals as a tribute to his lost buddy.   

RIP to this guys probably imaginary dog. 

PS: In all seriousness though, use this as another example to get out and adopt a pet. They need homes. Quit shopping for dogs and look for one that needs a buddy and someone to love em.  Don’t shop. Adopt. 


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