Camp Counselor attacked by Bear

Ok first off, who in their right mind has a youth camp with young children in a location known for bear sightings this time of the year. Anyway, late last night in Boulder, Colorado a 19 year old camp counselor woke up at 4am to a bear chewing on his head. The bear was attempting to drag Dylan, the counselor, away from the camp site presumably to have a nice hefty breakfast. Luckily other counselors heard the distraught screams of Dylan. The camp counselors attempted to scare the bear away, but had no success. The bear decided enough was enough and wandered off after around 10 minutes of dragging Dylan around. The greatest part of this story isn’t even the cool story and scars Dylan will get to tell everyone about for the rest of his life, it was Dylan’s interview afterwards. When Denver 7 reporter Amanda del Castillo asked him about what it was like, Dylan responded with, “The crunching noice, I guess, was the teeth scraping against the skull as it dug in”. What an absolute champion, Dylan went from being attacked by a bear and literally centimeters away from having a pierced brain, to shrugging it off like he scraped his knee. I think every person on this planet wishes they could handle every situation like Dylan: “No don’t worry about my leg being snapped in half, honestly doesn’t even hurt that bad”. Dylan, get well soon, and you will forever be immortalized as a legend among men.


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