Spider-Man Homcoming Review

Spider-Man Homcoming is about as good as a rebooted Spider-Man movie can be at this point considering this is the 6th movie starring the titled hero since 2001.

Sony and Marvel set differences aside to create a fun and light-hearted coming of age movie for Peter Parker AND Spider-Man.

The movie really works well at showing how vulnerable Peter Parker is, as hes too young to understand certain things about the world and how harsh it can be. He has been so used to doing smaller things such as saving cats from trees or helping elderly women with directions that when a big baddy rolls around and the stakes get higher he doesn’t know how to react.

The progression is great with Peter’s character and from beginning to end you can see him start to mature. 

Tom Holland is brilliant as Spider-man, he is just the right amount of innocent and awkward as Peter Parker while also being quippy and stylish as Spider-Man.

Iron-Man was heavily marketed in the trailers (the more tickets, the better), but no need to worry, this is not Iron Man 4. His presence in the movie is a mentor to Peter Parker and almost feels like an Uncle Ben role. He has enough screen to be considered more than just a glorified cameo but not too much to the point where he steals the spotlight from Spidey.

The action is fun and the Spidey suit is badass, it is very different from what we’ve seen before, which is part of the reason why I enjoyed it so much, I don’t want to spoil anything so thats all I’ll say there.

Michael Keaton is terrific as Vulture. His performance is great in depicting someone who understands the path the world is going down and decides to embrace it to take advantage instead of salvaging the scraps from society’s superiors. He is a very layered villain and his relationship with Spider-Man became one of the best parts of the movie (no spoilers).

Side note: Marvel seems to be listening about the villain “issue”. One of the only complaints about the MCU is the lack of compelling villians. But ever since the 2nd Avengers movie, Ultron was really good. Doctor Strange villian was average. I give Zimo a pass in Civil War because he was the puppet master throughout the movie and that was the point. Kurt Russell was great in Guardians 2, and now Vulture was great, good shit Marvel in listening to the audience (DC take notes).

The movie as a whole is very well acted, most of the kids give solid performances, especially Ned, Peter’s best friend.

Certain characters were useless however, and maybe they have plans with them for the sequel, but for now i see those characters as “meh”.

I do have a few nitpicks, but they involve spoilers so I wont go in depth with them. 

Its also pretty funny throughout, but what’d you expect, this is Marvel we are talking about.

This is a perfectly fun summer blockbuster super-hero movie, and in my opinion is on par with Spider-Man 2 as the best Spider-Man movie yet. I haven’t decided which one I like more, ask me in a few years. 

Final Verdict: 9\10


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