Livan Hernandez is shameless in the best way possible

July 10: Livan Hernandez files for bankruptcy.

Later July 10: Livan Hernandez announces he is playing in the annual post-Derby celebrity softball game, and then makes it his bitch.

Don’t you ever count yourself out. Ever. Livan fucking Hernandez, yes that Livan Hernandez who pitched for 17 years in the MLB and won a world series, filed for bankruptcy and admitted he’s now worth less than $50,000. But, BUT, instead of sulking on his couch deciding which jerseys to sell of the ones he’s collected through the years as a result of hazing softies like Endy Chavez and Brad Wilkerson out of them, he gets back on the horse and makes some money playing softball.

I’m not sure if this guy has a committed agent or if he is actually this smart, but whatever it is he made a damn good financial move deciding to play in the celebrity softball game. Keep in mind, this guy was never scheduled to play. But as soon as the bankruptcy is filed, not only does he play but he steals the ball from Jenny Finch’s sexy beautiful gorgeous hand and declares himself the pitcher. THEN this dude hits a straight up moonshot and leads his team to victory…All on the same day he declared bankruptcy. In gambling, we call this “chasing your losses” and Laughin’ Livan should teach a college course on how to do it.


So, Livan Hernandez, props to you for Making Baseball Fun Again. I hope that $53 million you pissed through is giving some really hot strippers some really good meals right about now. Good luck on the bankruptcy thing.


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