Second Half Starts Strong for the Red Sox

Friday nights game against the Yankees ended in the best possible way for any Red Sox fan: a blown save by a Yankees closer resulting in a gut wrenching loss for the evil empire. Although a walk off walk isn’t the ideal walk off scenario, it’s something that all Red Sox fans will take, especiially coming against the Yankees. The first game after the break seemed like a playoff atmosphere at Fenway Park, and the Sox came to play providing positives that their fans will love to see continue. 

Drew Pomeranz started the game and had an okay outing. He gets a pass for being so solid as of late, and he did end up going far in the game for his own standards. Pomeranz ended up giving the Yankees all of their four runs including an absolute bomb of a home run to Gary Sanchez. From there, the pitching was as good as it will be all year. Matt Barnes provided optimism with two shut down innings before Robby Scott came in for a scoreless ninth earning the win. 

The offense was solid on Friday night as they got a home run from Hanley Ramirez and a two hit games from Ramirez, Mookie Betts, Dustin Pedroia and Xander Bogaerts. Three outs away from a loss, the Sox offense recorded zero balls hit out of the infield, yet managed to find a way to push across two runs. Helped by two errors by the Yankees middle infielders and Aroldis Champan getting wilder as the inning went on, the Sox led the strong offensive day to a walk off win over their hated rivals. 

The final aspect of the win that Red Sox fans can look forward to was the excellent managing by John Farrell. Farrell controversially went with Chris Young and Sam Travis in left field and at first base because they are more lefty friendly, over left handers Mitch Moreland and Andrew Benintendi. When the left hander came out though, Farrell did not waste any time putting his regulars back into the game, a move that proved to be clutch when Benintendi walked in the winning run. The other clutch move from the bench tonight came in the ninth with Betts and Pedroia on second and first. With nobody out, Farrell changed the game by sending both runners for a double steal, which paid off. Bogartes ended up hitting a ground ball to second that, if handled correctly, could have been a double play that would have left the Sox with two outs and a runner on third base. With Betts bolting for home and the pressure on, Ronald Torreyes bobbled the ball and the rest is history. 

The Sox provided a strong showing to the Fenway crowd on Friday night, making their fans able to drive home happy. As the second half goes on fans will have a lot to look forward to if the season keeps at this pace. 


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