Aaron Carter Out Here Getting DUI’s And Shit Solidifying Jesse McCartney As Top Dog

I know it. You know it. There has been a competition between Aaron Carter and Jesse McCarney since the day they both popped onto the pop scene. That’s just a fact. They both had their jams, though Jesse was the clear winner when it came to music. It was down to the final head to head battle… who would hit rock bottom first.

Congrats Aaron, you won this one (lost really I guess). Your old ass brother is still out here doing his thing and rocking fenway park to its old ass core with some jams with BSB, and you’re driving shitfaced looking like a drunk Edward scissor hands.

Come on buddy, you look like you’re a 50 year old heroine addict who yells at walls and passing dogs. 

It’s almost sad. Almost. 

To score the final Jesse v.s. Aaron match…..

McCartney takes the W.


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