Cubs Second Half Got Off to an Exciting, Almost Demoralizing Start

The Cubs second half got off to an exciting start as they got the win against Baltimore, but it took a turn for the worst and almost cost them the victory.

Chicago wasted no time getting the scoring started. In the top of the first with two runners on, Willson Contreras hit a 3 run blast to put the Cubs up early 3-0. The next batter just so happened to Kyle Schwarber and the Cubs went back-to-back and after the first, the Cubs were up 4-0.

Then in the very next inning, Ben Zobrist brought out his book stick with a 2-run shot to put the Cubs up 6-0 now. 

It was an early onslaught from Chicago as in the very next inning, Jason Heyward brought out his muscles and flexed on a pitch that was destroyed. That 2 run homer now put Chicago up 8-0.

All seemed good for the Cubs until Baltimore climbed their way back in this one. After scoring in the 3rd, 4th, 4 in the 5th & 2 in the 8th, Baltimore tied it all up at 8 because the Cubs pitching shit the bed.

But no need to fear, here comes Addison Russell with his clutch boom stick. Russell stepped up to the plate in the 9th and put the Cubs back on top with his own BOOMER. 

Cubs hit 5 homers collectively on their way to an exciting win in their return to the regular season. Bullpen and pitching struggled and let the orioles back in that one, but the Cubs pushed through to get the Dub. 

Fly the W! 


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