The Sacramento Kings Trolling Lakers Fans With Fake Player Names Has The Most Predictable Outcome Ever

Hilarious, but predictable. Just remember, this is a fan base that thinks Kobe is better than LeBron, and this is a fan base where 70% of them migrate to the Warriors during the NBA Finals; but don’t remember the Monta Ellis Warrior era.

The biggest thing about this is the names… Shawn Carter is a name that you could see being an NBA player, right? But NED??? You believed there was an NBA player named fucking NED??

I also love how the second kid ran with this, and then proceeded to say he was a die hard fan since he was born. I feel like that is the #1 defense for people who are bandwagon fans or insecure about it…

Also, i feel like this is a bit of a cheap shot from the Kings. They knew this was going to happen, no question. They’re a franchise that is so bad they use their social media to latch on to anything to get positive attention. This isn’t the only time they have done this, the Kings twitter has been doing things like this for a while.

Guess they needed to bounce back from this L from last year….


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