Anthony Davis Would Be Stupid NOT To Demand A Trade From The Pelicans

Credit: Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

In the state of the NBA, we are currently dealing with Kyrie Irving demanding a trade from the Cavaliers and an impending collapse in the land. With that being said, there are players in the league that should be taking notes from Kyrie after this announcement.

Anthony Davis is the one player that sticks out to me that should most certainly demand a trade. Ever wonder who needs him? Uh… maybe Boston? The Celtics are in dire need of a big man that can score in the paint and protect the rim defensively.

With AD’s star power, not many teams can offer up a good deal for Davis to tempt the Pelicans. The Celtics certainly could, they have a stockpile of draft picks that Danny seems to never want to deal, and young players that many NBA teams have already pursued.

The Celtics have been in limbo for the past couple of seasons because they haven’t had a difference maker. They failed on their pursuits of Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, and Paul George. Anthony Davis would be the difference maker Boston needs to beat Cleveland and possibly challenge the Warriors.

The Pelicans are not a team that will be contending anytime soon, and Anthony Davis is not getting any younger. With the resources Boston has to trade, the state of both franchises, and the fit as a player, Anthony Davis would be an idiot to just stay in New Orleans.


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